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July 24, 2018
Call with Green Bank Employees re: Green Bank and Veritex Community Bank Merger
Geoff Greenwade, President and CEO of Green Bank, N.A.
Okay, Geoff Greenwade, good morning. We’ll go ahead and get started, if everybody can put their phones on mute, please, we’re recording this call. Please put it on mute when you join. Give it another couple of minutes.
Glenn Bell, Houston Market Manager of Green Bank, N.A.
Hey Geoff there are a few people that are trying to call in, they say the line’s busy right now.
I think what’s happening is people are having trouble here at Greenbriar.
Call your names out.
Geoff Greenwade, President and CEO of Green Bank, N.A.
Alright, uh. Please do not put us on hold, put your phones on mute when you get on. If for some reason you’re not getting in, uh, it may be the lines, not to a conference line, but to the building you’re in so just call in on cell phone.
Glenn Bell, Houston Market Manager of Green Bank, N.A.
So come into Greenbriar, my office, if you can’t get on cause I got on at Greenbriar. This is Glennn.
Geoff Greenwade, President and CEO of Green Bank, N.A.
Okay, let’s go ahead and start. Like I said, this call is recorded and we’re not going to have any Q and A because we’re recording it for part of our legal process of the merger and acquisition, uh, but I will address everybody’s ability to ask questions, uh, at the end.

So just, uh, you know, obviously everybody has seen the announcement today about the merger between Green Bank and Veritex Community Bank. Um, you know I’m very excited about this, you know it’s been in the works for the last couple of months, but really gained steam over the last, uh, since the early June period. Uh, a little bit of a back story is if you listen to the call at 8:30 this morning, this all started at the Texas Banker Convention here in Houston in early May when Malcolm Holland, Manny and myself all met one late afternoon just to discuss, you know, concepts, and from there over the next few weeks it gained some momentum and became a hot idea that turned into where we are today.
Um, why I think it’s an important part, that it’s you know the partner will be Veritex Community Bank, they’re headquartered in Dallas, we’re headquartered in Houston, uh, you know they are obviously over weighted to Dallas and we’re over weighted to Houston and it really balances out the company well. They have very similar cultures and philosophies and strategies. Their customers are very similar, we we are gonna share some that we’ve competed on, so I think that’s a, you know, a very important piece to think about is this is a Texas bank that we’re joining up with, uh, and for accounting purposes and a few others, it’s the best thing to take their charter on in name, and I think Terry hit on that in the call why that is the case. But I think that since we’ve always been very open and transparent, that, you know, Green Bank is not building something to grow for 25 or 30 years and at some point we wanted to sell or join somebody this is the perfect solution in my opinion. Um, you know it allows a lot more of the employees on both sides to stay versus if we sold to some out of state bank they’d be looking to chop half of the people. I think this lets us focus on the markets, the metro markets in Texas that we you know both been doing for the last ten years. Um, I think that this is gonna really give us a Texas bank that can go compete with the regionals now. We’re gonna, I think this transforms us from a community bank into a small regional and I think that’s gonna be a very good thing for all of our employees and all of our customers and shareholders.
Um, just to touch briefly on the four senior executives: Manny will you know, give up his title as Chairman and just be on the Board of the holding company and bank. Um, I will be the Houston market president and I will commit to staying on for two years to help with the transition and you know, making sure everything is settled. My goal is to you know, help so our stock price just keeps going up and up and up. Terry Early will continue on as the CFO of the combined companies and then uh, Donald will be joining the credit team as a Senior Executive Credit Officer working with Clay Riebe who’s the Chief Credit Officer of Veritex and Donald will be in charge of the credit administration, a piece of that. Um, I look at this as, you know, no matter what comes out says, it is truly a merger of equals. You know, the Green Bank shareholders will own about 55% of the combined company. The Veritex shareholders will own about 45% and quite frankly, neither bank could do it without the other side’s employees helping and being part of this, so, I think if you did have a chance to listen to the call Terry was asked a question about cost saves and said you know, it seems we’re being conservative and Terry said, hey we’re both very efficiently run banks and they didn’t want to drive a bunch of cost saves that they couldn't reach, so they you know, they came up with some lower numbers than you would normally expect, but because of the you know, the synergies you get from putting the two together you don’t have to have cost saves to make this work, so there will be, obviously you know cost saves in place, but it will be much less of a percentage than a normal type deal.
Um, because I’m not doing a Q&A because this is a recorded call for you know part of the whole merger process that we have to disclose, uh, over the next few days I am going to go around to multiple locations and have smaller group meetings. I will be at Brookhollow tomorrow for some meetings there, during the morning and afternoon. I plan on being in Dallas on Thursday and Friday this week and then will continue the small group meetings next week here in Houston, so hopefully over the course of the next week I’ll be able to talk in person to most of you that are on the call. If I’m not then I’ll get you at some

other time. Especially those of you in the branches. I’m not gonna be able to get to every branch but we, you know, through working with Ralph and Garth we’ll, you know, be able to meet with the RMs as groups and we’ll over time get over to all the branches, so um, so that’s gonna be your way to ask those questions, you know Q&A, that’s in the smaller groups and I can be much more open because we won’t be recorded at that point. The main thing I want everybody on this line to think about you know, after we’ve talked about this today let’s get back to focusing on that client experience and worrying about loan growth, deposit growth, fee income growth and our treasury management customers cause there’s nothing more important that we can do uh, you know, starting at 10:15 am 10:20 to get back to our normal great Green Bank client experience.
Um, that is basically the points that I wanted to make today, um like I said you’ll be able to ask questions in smaller groups over the coming days, but I wanted to let everybody know on the call how much I appreciate what you have helped us build, um, you know to be able to be at this point where we could you know, join up with another superior client experience bank here in Texas and then I expect after we put these two together, projected for first quarter of next year that we continue it and then take it even higher into the next level and I think that, and from my opinion as a, being involved with this and as a shareholder, I think we now have something that we’ll have together that can last a much longer period of time than what we had intended for Green Bank. So, I think that’s going to be the biggest benefit for all the employees and customers that are on both sides of this transaction. So with that, I will end and um, want to let everybody know how much I appreciate you and thank you for calling in today.

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